We offer a full range of court reporting services including depositions , arbitrations , hearings, realtime court reporters, complete litigation support, and conference rooms. In addition to offering you superior court reporters, our full range of litigation services are designed to meet your needs locally, nationally and internationally. At Aaron Thomas Court Reporting & Videography, we offer transcription delivery to suit any need including Realtime reporting, instant rough-draft transcripts, daily or expedited transcript delivery, electronic transcript delivery, and PDF transcripts. (LiveNote™, Summation™, and CaseView™ platforms supported)
Our team of experienced, certified legal videographers offer video & text synchronization, video depositions delivered on CD or DVD, as well as video trial presentations.

With a commitment to first class service and the highest quality work - We Deliver.

lilscaleWhen it comes to depositions, we believe reliability and ease aren't just adjectives for great service - They're the foundations of great service. You can always depend on Aaron Thomas Court Reporting & Videography to provide you with accurate transcripts anywhere, every time, quickly and easily.

We believe in delivering deposition solutions that give you complete freedom to focus on your case, not the minutiae of scheduling. Let us provide you with an extraordinarily easy deposition experience whenever and wherever you need it.

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Presented the 'Doctor of Listenology' as Court Reporter Extraordinaire - In recognition of exceptional commitment to service from April 2011 to June 2011, as the court reporter on the longest civil jury trial in Clackamas County history.

Honorable Susie L. Norby, Circuit Court Judge

Aaron Thomas, Court Reporter


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